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Using Information in Human Resources (5UIN)


Using Information in Human Resources (5UIN)


Introduction to the unit


As part of the programme to complete CIPD Level 5, learners are expected to carry out research investigating a HR topic within a particular industry. Learners taking this unit should show their capability in carrying out research, with evaluation of different research materials to enhance good understanding of the research topic. The research is meant to help the learners understand how to use the knowledge and the skills gained through the CIPD level 5 courses. The assessment helps learners review information sources that are relevant to the research topic, and through this, come up with conclusions to support improvement of the HR issue affecting the business.


Structure of the document


Learners have to produce a document explaining the key elements of the research, with specific subheadings well developed to show that the learner has completed all the elements needed in the research. This is important to ensuring that the learners get to effectively communicate information gathered from the research on the research topic being investigated. The document should be well structured, and in this perspective, the learners should pay attention to the outline and structure produced by the tutor, and uses this as a guide to carry out the research.


The main structure in the research should have the following


Cover page; in most instances, the information that has to be included in the cover page is provided by the instructor, including the details related to the name of student, name of instructor, number of words in the document among others. However, the most important issue that the learner should take into consideration is the research topic, which should be well developed by the learner. The title of the research should not be vague, and neither should it be too short nor complicated in any way. The research topic guides the audiences on what the research focus is all about. Titles should be in form of well clearly stated statement, or in form of questions. The following are some of the examples that show how well developed research titles read;

  1. Evaluating the significance of learning and development in promoting performance of workers at ABC organisation
  2. Identifying the effectiveness of recruitment and selection methods in the hiring the right candidates for the job within the healthcare industry
  3. The impact of using absence and turnover data in impacting employee well-being within the organisation, case study of XYZ Company

Abstract/executive summary; this is the part that summarises what the report is all about, paying attention to the purpose of the study, method, findings, results, conclusions and recommendations. This part helps the busy executives get to understand what the researcher has done in the research, and its significance to bringing about results that promote good understanding and improvement of the research issue.

Content page; this highlights the main topics and subtopics used in the research. The research audiences can easily and quickly locate the information from the content page

Introduction; this is the first part of the research where the researcher introduces the research topic and helps the learners understand the context to which the research is being carried out. The aim and objectives of the research, as well as the identification of key stakeholders should be a subtopic in the introduction part of the assessment.

Literature review; this is the second part of the research, where the researcher identifies different secondary resources to review what has already been studied regarding the subject topic.

Critique of literature review; this helps differentiate the secondary sources used in the literature review, by proving the similarities and differences in the research methods used. Under this topic, the first subheading should be justification of the selected research, to explain why the source of research is significant in the research. The second subheading is the identification of the advantages and disadvantages of the research methods used. The third subheading is the application of the information collected from the research, to the business or industry under study.

Proposed presentation or findings; from the review and critique of the method used, the findings from the research should be presented in line graphs, bar charts or pie charts.

Conclusion and recommendation; this is the final part of the research, where the conclusion of the research is well developed, and recommendations provided to improve the area of investigation based on the findings obtained from the research.

References; this provides the sources used to enhance completion of the research. The sources should be up to date, credible, and reliable. They should be formatted using the Harvard referencing format that has approved by the CIPD.

After completing the course, the audiences or the readers should be in a position to evaluate the research that has been carried out by the learners completing this level of education. The research document should be presented in a manner to attract the attention of the audiences, and at the same ensure that it is convincing to the audiences. Therefore, the information presented has to be persuasive to the readers, that all elements of the research have been effectively developed, to bring about findings that support improvement of the research topic.


Learning objectives;


By the end of the assessment, the learners should;

  • Be able to clearly identify research problems that affect businesses. And clearly explain the reason for choosing the research issue
  • Have the ability to identify information from the secondary sources to help evaluate how those issues can be solved
  • Be able to justify why the research topic is important
  • Have the ability to develop clear research objectives to support the research
  • Explain the weaknesses and strengths of the different sources reviewed to justify the research issue has to be investigated
  • Be able to draw conclusions from the information sources, which are meaningful to investigating the research topic.
  • Be in a position to formulate a business report with a mix of narrative and diagrammatic formats of information presentation.


Winding up;


By the end of the assessment, the learners should be able to meet the criteria developed in the course outline by the tutor. This helps ensure that all information required is well presented, and the concepts of the subject topic being discussed in the research are well presented to enhance good understanding of the topic.


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