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3 Nov

Using Facilitation Skills (5UFS)

Using Facilitation Skills (5UFS)     Introduction to the topic; Using Facilitation Skills   In the quest to achieve the desired outcome in a given organisation, facilitation skills are essential. In the HR department of a workplace, facilitation skills are crucial for mobilizing the workforce towards attaining a particular goal. Facilitation skills unit offers a […]

30 Oct

5RST Assignment Example

5RST Assignment Example       AC 1.1   The labour market determines different factors including cost of production. The labour market affects both the private and public organizations. Organisations make a choice of the production locations based on the state of market labour. The analysis herewith is a comparison of the labour market in […]

28 Oct

5LMS Assignment Examples

Introduction   In contemporary businesses, leadership and management are concepts are crucial in Human Resource practice as they dictate how the organization operates towards the attainment of the goals and objectives. It is necessary to have a clear understanding and distinction between leadership and management and the underlying principles. Further, leadership and management development in […]

28 Oct

5ENG Assignment Example

    5ENG Assignment Example   Employee Engagement   1.1 An analysis of the meaning, principal dimensions and components of employee engagement and how it differs, if at all, from related concepts such as organizational commitment, employer involvement, job satisfaction.   Organizations emphasize on employee engagement as a strategy to bolster enthusiasm, motivation, and uptake […]

28 Oct

5EML Assignment Example

  5EML Assignment Example   1.1 The aims and objectives of employment law.   According to Avado (2020), employment law is a collection of laws and rules that regulates the relationship between employers and employees in an organization. The law governs what employers can ask their employees to do, what employers can expect from employees […]

27 Oct

5UIN Assignment Example

5UIN Assignment Example       Executive summary Change within organisations is an important element that requires the involvement of employees, thus creating the need to promote the learning and development concept of the human resource. Learning does have an impact in development of skills, abilities, knowledge and competence needed by employees in addressing the […]

26 Oct

5HRF Assignment Example

    5HRF Assignment Example   Summary of the organizational objectives that the HR function is responsible for delivering and how these are evolving in contemporary organizations   According to CIPD (2020), the HR function is tasked to ensure that the various objectives of the organization are achieved through the implementation of holistic recruitment and […]

21 Oct

CIPD Level 5 DVP Assignment Example

CIPD Level 5 DVP Assignment Example   Developing Professional Practice   A professional map is a HR tool that sets out the international benchmark for the HR profession. The professional map covers the major aspects that are required for a HR professional: specialist knowledge, core behaviors, core knowledge, that ultimately lead to principle led behavior, […]

4 Oct

5CHR Assignment Example

      Developing Role of HR within the Present Day Business   Introduction   The Human resource department is crucial for every organization operating within the society. It is in this department that new ideas are developed to boost efficient running of the organization. The human resource department is tasked with the responsibility of […]

20 Sep

Employment law 5EML

  Employment law 5EML   There are six primary areas that the student can be assessed based on the unit content. The assessment questions are divided based on the study topics.   Question one: The questions in these sections are based on the students’ ability to understand employment regulations and the legal system.   Explain […]