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What is the CIPD Qualification


CIPD is an acronym for the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. The CIPD is a professional body for the HR sector in the United Kingdom. However, it has members from across the world. This body researches HR as well as learning and development issues while working with both employers and the government to help bring change in the workplace.


The CIPD offers membership for HR professionals after completing the CIPD qualifications. The type of CIPD qualification determines the kind of membership you get.


What is CIPD Qualification?


A CIPD qualification is training that sets standards for various levels of HR best practices. The CIPD qualification is designed to equip HR professionals with different knowledge and skills at all stages of their careers.


Benefits of CIPD Qualifications


Once you become a certified CIPD member, you stand a chance of getting the following benefits:

  • Global qualification for HR
  • Opens the possibility of a higher salary
  • Increase knowledge and skills
  • CIPD membership and demonstration of commitment to the HR sector


Studying for the CIPD qualification is pretty easy, and training is provided in a variety of formats. For instance, you can take your studies:

  • Online – You can complete your CIPD training modules online at your speed.
  • Part-time – You can also consider training part-time as you work or attend to other commitments.
  • Full-time – Commit your entire time to train to obtain your CIPD qualification.
  • Intensive – You can train for your CIPD qualification by taking classes in block to form workshops, but with greater focus.
  • In-person – You can enroll for the part in taught training sessions with other HR professionals.
  • Mixed-mode – This CIPD training requires a combination of learning modules blended with real-life experiences from the workplace. However, this option is only available for higher levels of knowledge and experience.


Training of CIPD qualification is offered as specific modules or a more general course. Let’s check out at some of the various CIPD courses offered and what you qualify for at each level means.

  • Level Three: This is the foundation level of CIPD qualification and is suitable for an entry-level professional who is working in a support function. So, if you are in the HR sector and want to get your first CIPD professional qualification, level three is the most appropriate starting point.
  • Level Five: This level is designed for the intermediate level. These are those professionals already working in the HR sector and want to enhance their skills and knowledge even further. Level five is suitable for those who are planning to expand their understanding in the HR sector in general or in a specific area of interest.
  • Level Seven: This level is the most advance in the CIPD. It is suitable for those looking to get strategic advice. These include HR professionals in higher-level managerial positions in companies such as HR managers. Moreover, if you operate your own recruitment business, then the extensive, specialist knowledge and skills gained from this level can come in handy.


CIPD qualification is offered at different price points, and it mainly depends on the level of training you want to enroll. Now that you have known what CIPD qualification is, you can enroll, complete the train,  and become a CIPD professional member.

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