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Human Resource Management in Context


Human Resource Management in Context

Human Resource Management in Context is a CIPD Level 7 unit that helps human resource managers and professionals to effectively operate within increasingly complex and changing organisational and related situations. By using elements of self-reflection, critical analysis, and problem-solving techniques, learners will learn how to develop and implement innovative and strategic human resource solutions that drive organizational performance.


What is the Purpose and Aim of 7HRC Human Resource Management in Context?

This unit provides candidates with an understanding of the principal internal and external environmental contexts of modern companies and organizations. The internal and external context may include business and managerial contexts within which managers, human resource professionals, and workers interact in various environmental challenges, adjustments, and uncertainty.

This module also examines how leading organizations, companies, and businesses respond to dynamic and ever-changing environmental contexts.

It indicates and directs how leaders and administrators in various organizations, human resource managers and professionals, and employees with HR responsibilities need to recognize and acknowledge that managers and leaders alone do not influence organizational and HR decisions. To a greater extent, they are shaped by both external and internal forces that are beyond the managers’ immediate control.

Learners will understand the fact that managers and  Human Resource professionals in different organisations, not only have the chances and choices when making organisational and HR decisions but also face various constraints on their independence. Therefore, the purpose and aim of this module are to explore the implications for HR professional practice and provide opportunities for practical learning as well as continuous professional growth.


Who is Suited for this Module?

This module is suitable for persons with the following responsibilities:

  • If you have responsibilities in human resource decision making within an organization, regardless of the level, you are legible to enroll for this module.
  • If you are in HR professional team or HR functional management role and what to enhance and improve your profession and career as a whole, then this unit is what you need.
  • Do you have responsibilities in the HR functions and activities within an organisation without a specialist function? This module will help you enhance your skills and advance your knowledge base on HR functions.
  • If you are an independent or employed HR consultant who supports different organisations to attain their goals, then you are suited to enroll. This module will enable you to advance your skills and knowledge concerning human resource management.
  • If you are pursuing a career in HR as well as CIPD professional membership, then this could be the best module to deliver your dreams. You have to complete the 7HRC unit to get admission to the CIPD membership club.


What are the Learning Outcomes?

On completion of 7HRC Human Resource Management in context, learners will be able to understand, analyze, and critically evaluate:

  • Modern organisations and their principal environments without difficulty
  • The managerial and business environments within which Human Resource managers and professionals are working.
  • The way organisational and their HR strategies are formulated by and developed in response to both external and internal environmental and working factors.
  • The markets and their competitive environment of organisations and the way organisational or business leaders and their human resource department respond to them.
  • Globalization, international forces, and how they influence and affect HR strategies and HR practices.
  • Government policy, legal regulation, and how they influence the HR strategies and practices of organisations


What is the Assessment Criteria?

Learners of 7HRC Human Resource Management in Context are assessed through a range of assessment methods to ensure all the learning outcomes and assessment criteria meet in a manner that improves the learner experience. Moreover, the assessment allows learners to demonstrate a clear grasp of the concepts and their ability to connect theory to practice and communicate clearly in the HR field at the right level.

For a candidate to achieve unit 7 HRC HRM, all the learning outcomes ought to be assessed by summative assessment. The assessment of learners has to include the following:

  • Formative and preparative assessment for the un-seen assessment
  • A 3-hour time-constrained and the un-seen assessment under controlled conditions


The 7HRC Human Resource Management in Context is one of the modules of CIPD Level 7 Advanced qualifications.  When you complete this module, you will have acquired the relevant working experience accrued over the past year doing your lower CIPD levels while you stand a chance to upgrade your membership to a Chartered Member.

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