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Developing Skills for Business Leadership

Developing Skills for Business Leadership


The 7SBL Developing Skills for Business Leadership is a CIPD module. For you to achieve CIPD Advanced level qualifications, you have to complete this module and others that compound to make CIPD. As such, candidates have to develop their understanding of the organization and the eternal context within which HR operates.


What is the Purpose and Aim of 7SBL?


The Developing Skills for Business Leadership module aims at encouraging learners to develop as a strong sense of self-awareness and their strengths and weaknesses as human resources, managers, and colleagues.


The main aim of this module is to develop the skills and specifically seek to improve the range of definable skills. These skills are essential to successful management practice and effective leadership. The skills include critical thinking and decision-making, managing budgets, management of financial information, team-working, and interpersonal skills, and others associated with the development of personal effectiveness and credibility at work.


This module also pursues to develop more-specialized skills that bring specific significance to effective higher-level people management while providing opportunities for applied learning and continuous professional enhancement.


Finally, this unit seeks to help learners make the most of their formal programs of study. It includes key postgraduate study skills while requiring critical reflection on theory and practice from an ethical and professional viewpoint.


Who is suited for this module?


The 7SBL Developing Skills for Business Leadership unit is suitable for any persons who pursued their career and profession in Human Resource management. Check out whether you are legible for 7SBL. You are legible if you:

  • have responsibility for HR decision making within an organization at an operational, tactical, or strategic level.
  • are a human resource professional in an HR team, or HR functional management role and want to develop your profession.
  • have responsibilities for the HR function and activities within an organization without a specialist function.
  • are an independent or employed consultant who supports organizations in meeting their goals.
  • have an HR career and CIPD professional membership aspirations


What are the Learning Outcomes?


On completion of this unit, learners will be able to:

  • Manage themselves more effectively at their HR work or in any professional context related to human resource management.
  • Effectively manage interpersonal relationships at their places of work.
  • Make decisive, sound, and justifiable decisions and solve work-related problems more effectively.
  • Lead and influence others in the place of work more effectively.
  • Interpret financial information while managing financial resources efficiently.
  • Demonstrate enhanced IT proficiency in HR.
  • Demonstrate an essential people management skill-set.
  • Demonstrate their competence in postgraduate study skills.



What is the Assessment Criteria for this Module?


Learners are assessed in this module via a range of assessment methods to ensure all the learning outcomes are met. By doing so, the learning experience will be enhanced. Besides, the assessment will enable the learners to show their clear grasp of concepts and the ability to link theory to practice while communicating clearly in the HR field at the appropriate level.


For CIPD awarded Advanced level qualification, to attain 7SBL, all the learning outcomes ought to be assessed by summative assessment. As such, for a learner to complete this unit successfully, assessment, therefore, must be done.


For that reason, completion of a portfolio containing evidence of skills acquisition and improvement to include observed skill activity. Alternatively, you can complete a CIPD Assessment Bank (AB) activity.


On completion of this module and the others that make up the CIPD Advanced level, you will automatically become a professional member of the CIPD, but as an Associate. If you proceed to study CIPD advanced level Diploma, you will open up your way to upgrade from Associate to Chartered Member or Chartered Fellow.


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