Money-Back Guarantee

We wrote this money-back guarantee/policy so you can understand right off the bat what transacting with us is like. We’ve avoided using overly complex language so that every important detail becomes clear to you before you submit your instructions. If any part of this money-back guarantee seems ambiguous or unclear to you, please contact us. Our agents will explain everything to you so you can enjoy our services without worry. Any Dispute MUST be brought to our attention 30 days from the date of payment.

When We Process Refunds

We realize how sensitive this issue of refunds really is. For that reason, we’ve spent enough quality time contemplating every aspect of the policy described here. We aim to help you understand what every sentence means and to eliminate all vagueness.

There are different circumstances where you have the right to demand a refund. We want to present those situations as clearly as possible so that you can know precisely when to submit such a request. Here are 5 different situations that may lead to a full refund:

1. When You Change Your Mind for Any Reason

You reserve the right to cancel your order anytime. You don’t need to explain your decision to us, but you can if you want. But here is an important point to note. You can’t cancel your order if a writer is already working on it.

That’s because we must pay our writers as long as we’ve assigned them an order. If you want us to refund your money, don’t delay your request. We advise all our customers to examine their instructions keenly before uploading them to our site.

2. When We’ve Charged Your Account Twice or More Times

You might make a mistake while placing your order. Although it’s not a common mistake, we’ve seen that happen. If you happen to pay twice for the same order, please let us know immediately. We’re more than willing to reverse the extra transaction so you can use your funds as you like.

Normally, we process refunds within 21 days.

3.  When Your Sample Sucks Even After 3 Revisions

We handpick our writers with utmost care, and we know they’re good. But they’re not perfect. If you feel that your sample has starkly deviated from your instructions, talk to us. We’ll fine-tune it until it shines. And you won’t pay a dime for these services. What’s more, you’re entitled to as many edits as you might need to get your dissertation to a really good place.

But what happens if we subject your dissertation to several edits but it fails to meet your requirements? That rarely happens, but if it ever does, we’ll process your refund within 5 business days.

Note that we only process a refund after we’ve edited your sample at least three times. Also, note that the first edit that normally happens to the first draft doesn’t count.

4. When You’ve Submitted Two Similar Orders

That seems unlikely, but it happens. Maybe you’re working on a dissertation while writing a journal article. In this case, it’s possible to submit the same order twice thinking you’ve submitted two different orders. In this case, you MUST move fast and submit your refund request.

Otherwise, we’ll proceed and assign the orders to our writers. Once assigned, it’s not possible for you to get a refund. If we’ve not assigned the orders, we’ll let you replace one of the two similar orders with the correct instructions. Or even cancel the orders if you so wish.

5. When We Fail to Submit Your Order by the Deadline

This is extremely rare, but if it does happen, you’ll get back your investment in full. However, if we failed to deliver your sample by the initial deadline because you added new instructions, you can’t claim a refund. Also, you won’t get a refund if you didn’t provide your writer with any material they might have requested you to avail.

We advise you to provide requested material as soon as you get the message from your writer. Additionally, we may not process a refund where we’ve requested you to allow us more time to complete your order and you’ve agreed.

Our Quality Assurance Department Thoroughly Examines Every Refund Request

Our QA team looks into your request carefully and decides if your claim has validity. The department works independently. You can be sure the company doesn’t in any way influence how our QA people make the final decision. Actually, they have never favored us!

Our editors will assess your sample on the basis of your instructions. If they confirm your sample deviates from your instructions and that further editing hasn’t improved it, you’ll get a full refund.

Our Money-back Guarantee = Peace-of-mind

Our refund policy is designed to give you maximum peace-of-mind and to boost your confidence as you use our services. This policy eliminates your doubts and bashes your fears. It is insurance that protects you against mediocrity and other such risks. Here’s our assurance to you: where we find that your claim is valid, we’ll process your refund within 5 business days. No questions asked.


We offer discounts for assignments that have a deadline of 6 days and below only